How to eat when traveling

Traveling can be super daunting when eating healthy. Let’s just face the truth, fast food is a thing of the past. So how do you eat while traveling?

First off! Pack your own food

This past trip we were traveling out of the US so I couldn’t bring fresh produce. Sadness. But this was a great backpack that lasted the whole trip for snacks and lame lunches. I’d rather not eat crappy food – or food that makes me feel crappy- so if the only option is fast food I skip and eat from my food stash. You can almost always find some fresh fruit or carrots from the magazine shops or gas stations. 

One one leg there was nothing. No options. We didn’t have time to sit and I couldn’t find a smoothie place or fresh anything. I did find ….

Naked smoothie and nuts were my yummy breakfast and it kept my body happy until I had lunch. 

Once I left my backpack at security on accident. When I went back for it the security officer asked me what was in it and I answered, “Food!” 


And said, “yes! I’ve never seen someone bring so much food with them!” 

So travel prepared with your favorite dried fruit, nuts and such. I always bring dark chocolate raisins and almonds. I bring pistachios and dried apples. I can at least have some sort of fruit and protein with some fats. So good nutrition and calories even if it’s super snacky
When flying Jamba Juice is my hero!

Breakfast, lunch, weird time eating…as you can tell it was incredibly early for our flight and eating at the continental hotel breakfast always is a terrible option. (Hello hard boiled old egg and plastic orange. )

They have fruit and veggie options then add the chia seeds and you have some fat and protein. Perfect! My favorite is greens and ginger, no ginger with chia seeds. Please don’t get one that has sherbet inside. That defeats the purpose! It doesn’t keep me full forever but at least it’s healthy!

Okay. Normal meals. 

Just eat Mexican food. TONS of options for diary free & gluten free food. Plus guacamole is incredible. No further explanation needed!

We had buffet breakfast at every meal this last trip and thankfully they had an omelette bar. I got an omelette everyday without cheese or meats. I put guacamole on top. YUM!!!!!! With fresh fruit. Heaven. 

My drink there is a fresh juice with celery, cactus, spinach, cucumber and parsley. Strangely delicious. The cactus was the sweetener. I need to find some cactus!!

I ate guacamole at every meal. 

Another good option is a steak house. I don’t get steak but I can usually get a good meal made of side dishes. Think veggies, green beans, baked sweet potatoes (without any junk on top) and wild rice. It’s good and filling.

If traveling by car just stop at the grocery store and pick up fruit, carrots, cherry tomatoes and hummus. You are set. 

If there really is no other option I will get a salad from a fast food place but the dressing usually ruins it and I hate eating dry salad. At a sit down Resturant you can get vinegar and oil. Yum with a little salt and pepper. 

You can do it! Be determined and creative. Ask the waiter a million question and create your own combinations for food. For a long time I felt totally awkward about this but eventually I realized that I’m paying for the meal. There is no reason not to get what I would like. Be overly polite. Only rarely have I had a waiter be annoyed. 

We want to feel great when traveling, so don’t settle for bad food.  Enjoy your trip and FEEL GREAT!!

Keep moving toward health!!!

About HealthWithBrit

Hi! I'm a quirky, lime loving, chocolate advocating, cartwheeling, health coach. I used to be sick and I nursed myself to health, I am here to encourage others that they can do it too! Let's heal our bodies and create real health in our bodies!!
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