5 Food I Eat Everyday!

Total goodness for body and soul!

1. Nuts. I go nuts over nuts. Wuah wuah!

Almonds pistachios. My favorites. Serious goodness. Fats and proteins and complex carbs. Nutrients. These are all the good things. 

2. Dark.choclate.

 It’s good for the soul. It has been argued for its antioxidants. Sure, that’s nice. But the truth is that chocolate is delicious. 

I used to think that dark was so bitter but after going for even a small while without sugar this food becomes amazing. 

3. Fat. Coconut oil. 

Good for the brain, skin, hair, teeth, guts. Everything . Drink it in smoothies, cook with it and slather it on. One stop shop. 

4. Whole grains. 

Load them up and fuel and feed. I’m talking real whole grains. Not brown rice. Not whole wheat but the grains that you heal your body with . Teff, Millet, sorghum, wild rice. These are my favorites. Fuel and energize and heal. Yes!!!

5. Fruit and vegetables. 

Obviously. But I must admit I really like fruit. 

Well I also really like avocado, garlic, onions, peas, sweet potatoes, and green beans too. Any more veggies. Okay, hummus. Food is medicine. Food is life. Food is so great!


Once upon a moment, my sister was asked, “What does Brit eat?”

My sister responded. “Fruit, chocolate, and almonds.”

Pretty close sis!! Pretty close!

About HealthWithBrit

Hi! I'm a quirky, lime loving, chocolate advocating, cartwheeling, health coach. I used to be sick and I nursed myself to health, I am here to encourage others that they can do it too! Let's heal our bodies and create real health in our bodies!!
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