All or Nothing?

We think we have to be all or nothing. 

I absolutely do this and at times there is an absolute need for this perspective. Things that I am committed – I’m ALL in.

  • My marriage
  • My children
  • My morals, right and wrong
  • Kindness 

Things I am committed to have as NOTHING – no part in my life

  • Meanness, hate, etc
  • Defeat
  • Energy drinks, alcohol and drugs

However this mentality is a HUGE roadblock to a healthy – physical and mental. 

Have you forgotten about the new year’s resolutions you’ve made? We are human and it’s is HARD to create new habits and let go of old ones. We have to rewire our brain and make new synaptic pathways. This is hard work and takes some tries. Health us a journey, it curves and takes practice. If you had a moment of “weakness” and ate something you know you “shouldn’t” then join  the club! Hello! Naughty food is everywhere. And life is emotional. Sometimes we don’t eat as we “should” but don’t beat yourself up. 

Whoops did you eat a cookie? Well enjoy that cookie and then get back on the wagon and eat an apple next time. Ate a burger instead of a salad? Well that’s okay. Don’t give up because of that one moment. Tell yourself that you are awesome and keep going after your health.

Last year I had a goal to do 365 days of yoga. Big goal!! I was stoked! I was ready! Then a month into it I found out I had 3 hernias from my pregnancies and had to have a surgery. What?!?! I was MAD. I had to stop everything and try again. Now 2017, I’m arying again. There have been nights that I have gotten in bed and realized that yoga had not happened. Do I throw in the towel? Did I fail myself? Nope. I meditated for a few breathes, spoke some kindness to myself and went to sleep. Am I keeping my goal? Yes. Am I giving myself some grace? Yes. That is wonderful!

Don’t let the mentality of I can’t do THAT – it’s too hard get in your way . Make one small change. Make one healthier choice each day. Every small moment of progress is a moment you are  making progress. If it’s too daunting to dive in then that is okay! Just start to today to make one healthy substitution. 

Yesterday I had a piece of dark chocolate with salted caramel. Decadent.Wonderful. I made this choice mindfully. I didn’t beat me up. I had a little treat to celebrate my day. Is this everyday. Nope! Just a moment to say Brit “Enjoy something you love! You’ve done a great job!”

The 95% rest of my life I make super healthy choices because I love myself. We just need to listen to our gut and take care of yourself accordingly. 

When you initiate change because you want health your commitment is stronger than when you initiate change to look better. Do this for the inward change. 

One change. You can do it. One healthy choice a day. Once that is easy – make another commitment. 

Don’t beat yourself up for human lapses. 

You can do it!

You are worth it! 

About HealthWithBrit

Hi! I'm a quirky, lime loving, chocolate advocating, cartwheeling, health coach. I used to be sick and I nursed myself to health, I am here to encourage others that they can do it too! Let's heal our bodies and create real health in our bodies!!
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