Hello, again.

Hello my long ignored blog.

You might have noticed that I stopped writing. Or you might not have. I am a new “blogger” so I don’t have many followers and so you’ve probably not noticed my absence.

I stopped writing because I felt like a hypocrite! “Here is how to be healthy” I said. Does the method work? Absolutely!! Am I healed from Lymes Disease and Hypothyroidism? Wonderfully- YES!!!!

But I still get a cold.

I still suffer from asthma here and there. My body is not as strong as I would like. How can I tell other people how to be healthy if I’m not PERFECTLY healthy.

So I did some posts on being kind to yourself and not dragging yourself down if you “cheat” here or there. Don’t get down because of set backs. All the while I was frustrated with myself for “cheating” and I was super mad for not being perfectly healthy.

I’ve needed time to figure out, in my confused head, how I can help others and myself on this journey of health. I needed time to come to peace (again and again) that I am not perfect and I don’t have perfect health.

Am I healthy? Yes! Am I mortal? Yes!!!

We are all human. Today I ate scrambled eggs with watermelon on the side for breakfast- those around me had eggs, potatoes and ham- super awesome for me to choose my health!

For lunch I had a veggie plate of spicy hummus, carrots, celery, cucumbers and watermelon. Fabulous and I ate until I was stuffed.

I also had a Hershey’s milk chocolate almond bar. Yep I did. Because I was dizzy with hunger and I wasn’t prepared with a better choice for myself and the eating preparations were out of my control.

And I LIKED that chocolate bar!!!!!

I’ll probably have some chocolate ice cream with raspberries tonight after my veggie tacos. Why? I’m at a family reunion and I want to!!

So back to my moral dilemma’s. How do I keep this blog and media project going and still be honest and helpful and informative and fun and everything good??

I’m going to keep somewhat of a journal here. What real life really looks like when you are seeking health, vitality, balance, and your sanity while living in this crazy world!!

We are sabatoged by images of perfection. We sabatoged ourselves with guilt. Let’s not do this here.

I’m going to show you what I am eating, how I am exercising, what I am doing when I am not feeling fabulous. How to treat athlete foot. You know. The real life stuff. Etc etc.

Today I am writing this on the dock of a beautiful clear aqua lake in Idaho. It is a gorgeous gem in the middle of a rolling high desert. Bear Lake. My family is boating. I’d rather be boating but I’m having an asthma annoyance and I’m choosing to rest. It’s so wonderful to rest in a such a gorgeous place. I’m happy to be alive.

Let’s live real life. And get real health. And not go crazy in our minds!

Deal? Sweet!

About HealthWithBrit

Hi! I'm a quirky, lime loving, chocolate advocating, cartwheeling, health coach. I used to be sick and I nursed myself to health, I am here to encourage others that they can do it too! Let's heal our bodies and create real health in our bodies!!
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