Sunshine, freedom and a little flower.

Life is meant to be lived!!! I spent many years just surviving. When you don’t have health, you have one goal. To be healthy. To live.

I now have my health and I want to LIVE!! I want to experience. I have goals and dreams. TV, grocery stores, Facebook. That is not living.

Yesterday I went on a hike with my three kids. I sweater and huffed and puffed a d carried my three year old the entire time!!! He’s so cute! We went to an iconic spot to overlook our tiny metropolis. It was gorgeous and best of all there were wild flowers lining the whole trail. gorgeous. Made my week!!!

So log off, and get out!

Enjoy a walk, a flower, a hike, a little sunshine and the freedom of the outdoors. Fresh air and joy!!

If you are not feeling up to a walk-in I’ve been there. Just go sit outside and (without and distractions) enjoy the wonderment of outside!!! It will be fabulous!

About HealthWithBrit

Hi! I'm a quirky, lime loving, chocolate advocating, cartwheeling, health coach. I used to be sick and I nursed myself to health, I am here to encourage others that they can do it too! Let's heal our bodies and create real health in our bodies!!
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