Life on the lake

I grew up boating. That what summer was – swimming. We tubed, we warree on the kneeboards, we slalom skiied, we wakeboarded, we dragged behind the boat, we had water fights, we wakesurfed. We played!!!!! And played and played. We also learned how to take care of things, how to work together, to cheer for each other and how to take care of minor first aid emergencies. Boating was, well is, a major part of my life.

My dad’s best friend gave Kyle and I a wakesurf board as a wedding present. When I was 15 I fell in like with my (now) husband – on the houseboat. I had a crush on him because he was so good looking AND he could wakeboard!! Lake McClure. Where I spent my summers. Idyllic!

My growing up was a series of lakes.

Lake Shasta – so warm!

Lake Orville- wonderful friends!

Lake Naciamento- water fights in the narrows!

Lake Tulloch- where I got up on the slalom ski for the first time!

Lake McClure – where my younger brothers showed me up!

Lake Powell- cliffs, music, storms

Black Canyon- tiny space & lots of boats

Lake Lowell- going with friends!

Don Pedro- Kyle surfing for 7 miles! Cheeto commerical!!

Things started to change. My body was deteriorating. I played less and less behind the boat. I took more pictures and made excuses of why I wasn’t participating.

A few years ago I was too sick to do anything behind the boat. Even the experience of sitting there was so painful. My family tried to help and understand. They wanted so badly for me to feel well and be happy. But I was in pain. So much pain!!

One day they got me all set up for me to wakesurf. The easiest sport behind the boat. My wonderful husband and family where determined to help me play and enjoy the boat again. I got up on the board but the pain led me to instant tears. I was so mad that I couldn’t do what I wanted to. My body was weak and ill. I felt betrayed by my body and it’s incapability. That was the moment that everyone realized that I wasn’t making up this sickness. It was serious. Even though no doctor could tell me what was wrong, I was sick and it was certainly not in my mind.

We had been searching for answers and soon after this event we found a solution. I began to heal.

It has been 5 years since that day. And I have had a miracle. A slow but steady increase in vitality.

This was me this morning.

Today truly is a miracle.

We are back to Lake McClure. The lake of my teen years.

It feels amazing to be healthy! A new life! I have been given a second chance at life and I am determined to live every moment and create this wonderful life I have been given!

About HealthWithBrit

Hi! I'm a quirky, lime loving, chocolate advocating, cartwheeling, health coach. I used to be sick and I nursed myself to health, I am here to encourage others that they can do it too! Let's heal our bodies and create real health in our bodies!!
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