Hi, I’m Brit

Hello!  I’m Brit.  When I was 16 I had become a sickly person.  I was always in pain; stomach cramps, tired, excessive sleep and headaches.  My good mother began taking me to different physicians with no help found.  I tried all sorts of different diets with varying degrees of success. Sometimes in those early years of digressing health I would feel perfectly normal, other times I would be in constant pain.  This began the nearly 2 decade search I have been on for health.  I have been diagnosed with the following: Chronic Fatigue, Lyme’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Candida Overgrowth, and Hashimoto’s Disease.  In college, I was able to find a doctor who taught me to heal my stomach from Candida overgrowth and Leaky Gut.  He started my path of natural health.  Ultimately it was discovered that Lyme’s Disease was the root cause of my ill health.  Lyme’s disease, if not caught early and correctly is a degenerative and nasty disease that ultimate causes death.  I was 28 when I was finally correctly diagnosed with Lyme’s disease.  At the point of my absolute worse, I spent 80% of my time in bed with the curtains closed.  My migraines were unbearable, I was in constant joint pain and muscle aches.  I had a constant wave of fevers and insomnia was dreadful.  I was so weak, I could not hold up my head for very long because my head was too heavy for my neck to support.  I wasn’t able to walk far or easily.  As my dad said, “I looked like a 98 year old woman shuffling in a young body.”  I was told my life would consist of antibiotics and pain killers.  I told my MD, “I am not okay with that!! I want my body to be HEALED, I do not want to terribly “cover up” my symptoms.”  My general MD was perfectly clear with me and we had a very blatant conversation, he told me, “Brittany, I am as frustrated as you are.  I don’t know how to heal you.  All I was taught was how to cover up symptoms.  I can’t help you any more than that.”  Unfortunately, I was not surprised but I was devastated.  I couldn’t live for the rest of my life in bed, in pain, in darkness.  That was not a life that I wanted.  That was not who I wanted to be for my children, my husband, or myself.  That is not how life should be lived, it doesn’t matter if I was 28 or 98, you shouldn’t have to live on pain killers.  Life does not have to be lived like that.  I was not willing to accept it!!  I did not accept life in pain and depression.  My husband and I began a search for Real Health.  We found Real Health.  My story of sickness is like many others, however, I have now been completely healed.  I now live a life free of pain or suffering and full of life and energy.  I am now able to LIVE!

I want you to live a life full of happiness and health! Health truly is a journey with twists and turns. Let’s Begin!