Laughter is the best



We probably should have been listening in church. And we were, seriously.  The speaker was great!  But we also got a little distracted with our 12 year olds hand animations.


Easily distracted.  yep.

It is proven that laughter is the best medicine.  So lets lighten up and go watch the Holderness Family Youtube.  Hilarious!



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Wowza!!! Mondays come storming!!!


I am sitting in the parking lot of gymnastics while my 3 year old sleeps. Late nap. Bad news!!
My amazing hubs left at 4:30 AM to catch a flight. So I was awake. I had to work at 5:30 (from home in my PJs! – nice! I teach English to cute little Chinese kids online) So why go back to bed. I had a delightful hour to do whatever I wanted!! Yay! So I did some Yoga With Adrienne. Love that girl. Read some scripture and wrote in my journal. Bliss!! Then I worked until 8. My 12 year old had soccer practice at 8:15 – 20 min away. I came out in my running clothes. My incredible 3 kids were dressed and ready to go. Making breakfast. Some homemade GF whole grain English muffins. How impressive! With leftover sausage gravy. Less impressive. Yikes!

We ran out the door and got to soccer 15 min late.

I ran one mile. Go me!!! Heehee!

After soccer we ran a few return items to friends houses. Then went home and instead of showering. My oldest and I worked on some orientation stuff for her online class. 5 hours later. Seriously. We finished up for the day. I am excited about this class. It’s a leadership and self development class through Williamsburg Learning. Check it out!!! In the meantime I gave my younger two back massages. Oh yeah! Ate a dark chocolate, GF no sugar, whole grain brownie for lunch. Not the best choice. But oh well. I also made a berry, pineapple and banana smoothie. Yum!!! I signed up my 9 year old daughter for her first online science class. That’s exciting for her. She’s delighted. And bought her math books. Oh yeah. We are a crazy family and have decided to homeschool. This will be our 5th year. Why do we do this to ourselves. I don’t know!! I ask myself everyday. But strangely we love it and can’t imagine learning any other way.

My 9 year old had a friend over too and they had a picnic. So cute!

Then I went to a yoga class at 4. YES!!!!!

Done at 5.

Home too late at 5:20 and my girls were waiting for me. We dashed out! Off to soccer practice. (15 min early this time. She has two a day practices just on Mondays before school starts.) Then off to gymnastics for my nine year old. She was eleven minutes late. Sorry sweetie! My bad! Neither of us had shoes on hahahah!!!

Her gymnastics ends at 7 – drive a half hour and soccer ends at 7:30. So we’ll go there and right down from the fields there is an fantastic little taco truck. Dinner. I love little chicken street tacos.


Fall into bed. Quite the yang day. Tomorrow will be a yin day.

Tomorrow we have no plans! Well I AM getting a hair cut!! Yay for me!! A little pampering. Oh yeah!

I love Tuesdays. It is our plan nothing, day at home. Rest day! Hubbs will be home!

But I don’t have to work in the morning so I’ll sneak out and hit a yoga session! A little more pampering!

How’s the balance? Yin yang? Work and rest? Give and take. The pendulum swings!


9:34 pm update:  We made it at 7:37 to that glorious taco truck, walked up bare foot with three FAMISHED kids in tow.  Gave our much desired order …. and I had forgotten my wallet at home.  I had my purse.  No wallet.  Left it by the computer because I had been buying that lame math workbook.  lame.

We had left overs, ah the wonders of left overs.  Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and a brocoli floret each!  And some watermelon, becauase every meal in the summer needs watermelon.

Soccer comes again on Wednesday.  So look out taco truck!!  I might go taco crazy!

Now I am going to read a book. Or probably fall asleep, who am I kidding!

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Hello, again.

Hello my long ignored blog.

You might have noticed that I stopped writing. Or you might not have. I am a new “blogger” so I don’t have many followers and so you’ve probably not noticed my absence.

I stopped writing because I felt like a hypocrite! “Here is how to be healthy” I said. Does the method work? Absolutely!! Am I healed from Lymes Disease and Hypothyroidism? Wonderfully- YES!!!!

But I still get a cold.

I still suffer from asthma here and there. My body is not as strong as I would like. How can I tell other people how to be healthy if I’m not PERFECTLY healthy.

So I did some posts on being kind to yourself and not dragging yourself down if you “cheat” here or there. Don’t get down because of set backs. All the while I was frustrated with myself for “cheating” and I was super mad for not being perfectly healthy.

I’ve needed time to figure out, in my confused head, how I can help others and myself on this journey of health. I needed time to come to peace (again and again) that I am not perfect and I don’t have perfect health.

Am I healthy? Yes! Am I mortal? Yes!!!

We are all human. Today I ate scrambled eggs with watermelon on the side for breakfast- those around me had eggs, potatoes and ham- super awesome for me to choose my health!

For lunch I had a veggie plate of spicy hummus, carrots, celery, cucumbers and watermelon. Fabulous and I ate until I was stuffed.

I also had a Hershey’s milk chocolate almond bar. Yep I did. Because I was dizzy with hunger and I wasn’t prepared with a better choice for myself and the eating preparations were out of my control.

And I LIKED that chocolate bar!!!!!

I’ll probably have some chocolate ice cream with raspberries tonight after my veggie tacos. Why? I’m at a family reunion and I want to!!

So back to my moral dilemma’s. How do I keep this blog and media project going and still be honest and helpful and informative and fun and everything good??

I’m going to keep somewhat of a journal here. What real life really looks like when you are seeking health, vitality, balance, and your sanity while living in this crazy world!!

We are sabatoged by images of perfection. We sabatoged ourselves with guilt. Let’s not do this here.

I’m going to show you what I am eating, how I am exercising, what I am doing when I am not feeling fabulous. How to treat athlete foot. You know. The real life stuff. Etc etc.

Today I am writing this on the dock of a beautiful clear aqua lake in Idaho. It is a gorgeous gem in the middle of a rolling high desert. Bear Lake. My family is boating. I’d rather be boating but I’m having an asthma annoyance and I’m choosing to rest. It’s so wonderful to rest in a such a gorgeous place. I’m happy to be alive.

Let’s live real life. And get real health. And not go crazy in our minds!

Deal? Sweet!

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How to say NO!

This is pretty simple.



It seems like the hardest thing ever.  WE LOVE FOOD!  We have this deep inner animal drive to eat.   So when we change what we eat we think it will be incredibly difficult.  But it isn’t. Four words.  Four EMPOWERING words.

I don’t want that.

If you keep the negative thoughts of deprivation, you will go crazy with desire of all that you “can’t” have.  Of course you can eat the junk.  There isn’t an invisible force from barring you and holding you back like a raving lunatic.  You absolutely can reach over, pick up that fake food, put it in your mouth and swallow it.  You have a choice.  Empower yourself by saying….

I could have that________, but I don’t want it.

You might think that you want it.  But really what do you want more? Health or eating something that you think tastes yummy.  Once you don’t eat the junk for as short as two weeks, it doesn’t taste as well.  Soon it won’t be enticing.  Promise.

Empower yourself!  Positive Mindset.  Fight for your health!

Do it for you!


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All or Nothing?

We think we have to be all or nothing. 

I absolutely do this and at times there is an absolute need for this perspective. Things that I am committed – I’m ALL in.

  • My marriage
  • My children
  • My morals, right and wrong
  • Kindness 

Things I am committed to have as NOTHING – no part in my life

  • Meanness, hate, etc
  • Defeat
  • Energy drinks, alcohol and drugs

However this mentality is a HUGE roadblock to a healthy – physical and mental. 

Have you forgotten about the new year’s resolutions you’ve made? We are human and it’s is HARD to create new habits and let go of old ones. We have to rewire our brain and make new synaptic pathways. This is hard work and takes some tries. Health us a journey, it curves and takes practice. If you had a moment of “weakness” and ate something you know you “shouldn’t” then join  the club! Hello! Naughty food is everywhere. And life is emotional. Sometimes we don’t eat as we “should” but don’t beat yourself up. 

Whoops did you eat a cookie? Well enjoy that cookie and then get back on the wagon and eat an apple next time. Ate a burger instead of a salad? Well that’s okay. Don’t give up because of that one moment. Tell yourself that you are awesome and keep going after your health.

Last year I had a goal to do 365 days of yoga. Big goal!! I was stoked! I was ready! Then a month into it I found out I had 3 hernias from my pregnancies and had to have a surgery. What?!?! I was MAD. I had to stop everything and try again. Now 2017, I’m arying again. There have been nights that I have gotten in bed and realized that yoga had not happened. Do I throw in the towel? Did I fail myself? Nope. I meditated for a few breathes, spoke some kindness to myself and went to sleep. Am I keeping my goal? Yes. Am I giving myself some grace? Yes. That is wonderful!

Don’t let the mentality of I can’t do THAT – it’s too hard get in your way . Make one small change. Make one healthier choice each day. Every small moment of progress is a moment you are  making progress. If it’s too daunting to dive in then that is okay! Just start to today to make one healthy substitution. 

Yesterday I had a piece of dark chocolate with salted caramel. Decadent.Wonderful. I made this choice mindfully. I didn’t beat me up. I had a little treat to celebrate my day. Is this everyday. Nope! Just a moment to say Brit “Enjoy something you love! You’ve done a great job!”

The 95% rest of my life I make super healthy choices because I love myself. We just need to listen to our gut and take care of yourself accordingly. 

When you initiate change because you want health your commitment is stronger than when you initiate change to look better. Do this for the inward change. 

One change. You can do it. One healthy choice a day. Once that is easy – make another commitment. 

Don’t beat yourself up for human lapses. 

You can do it!

You are worth it! 

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Out of the doldrums 

Once in a while we get stuck in the doldrums. The yucky, sad, stagnant spot. We get there for many reasons and I was there this week. It happens once in a while and we can’t let it take over our thoughts, diet and life. 
How do we get out of this stagnant yucky place?

We need to find some motivation.  I’m telling ya! That’s what it’s all about. What is your driving force? What keeps you going?

Why do you do what you do?

Figure this out and it is a life changer. If you are not thrilled with what is going on- Ask yourself why do I do this. And the answer is NOT because “I  have to.”

Why do you do what you do?

Find this positive motivation that truly fuels You. 

When we find the deepest reason why we do.things we find that we do something  because we think somehow that will make us feel good. Ask your self if this action truly makes us feel good. 

What will really TRULY make you feel good? What do you need deep down? We all need kindness. I know personally that I need fun. I need something to look forward to. I am usually stuck in the doldrums when there isn’t anything fun going on. So I have to create that fun. 

What do you need in your life that is missing. And I’m not talking about stuff. I’m talking about inside stuff. 

We are so responsible for our own life. When you take responsibility for your happiness- magic happens because you don’t have to wait on anyone to create happiness in your life!

Create it for Yourself!!!!

Find what is missing and fill it!

Make today great!!!

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5 Food I Eat Everyday!

Total goodness for body and soul!

1. Nuts. I go nuts over nuts. Wuah wuah!

Almonds pistachios. My favorites. Serious goodness. Fats and proteins and complex carbs. Nutrients. These are all the good things. 

2. Dark.choclate.

 It’s good for the soul. It has been argued for its antioxidants. Sure, that’s nice. But the truth is that chocolate is delicious. 

I used to think that dark was so bitter but after going for even a small while without sugar this food becomes amazing. 

3. Fat. Coconut oil. 

Good for the brain, skin, hair, teeth, guts. Everything . Drink it in smoothies, cook with it and slather it on. One stop shop. 

4. Whole grains. 

Load them up and fuel and feed. I’m talking real whole grains. Not brown rice. Not whole wheat but the grains that you heal your body with . Teff, Millet, sorghum, wild rice. These are my favorites. Fuel and energize and heal. Yes!!!

5. Fruit and vegetables. 

Obviously. But I must admit I really like fruit. 

Well I also really like avocado, garlic, onions, peas, sweet potatoes, and green beans too. Any more veggies. Okay, hummus. Food is medicine. Food is life. Food is so great!


Once upon a moment, my sister was asked, “What does Brit eat?”

My sister responded. “Fruit, chocolate, and almonds.”

Pretty close sis!! Pretty close!

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