How to say NO!

This is pretty simple.



It seems like the hardest thing ever.  WE LOVE FOOD!  We have this deep inner animal drive to eat.   So when we change what we eat we think it will be incredibly difficult.  But it isn’t. Four words.  Four EMPOWERING words.

I don’t want that.

If you keep the negative thoughts of deprivation, you will go crazy with desire of all that you “can’t” have.  Of course you can eat the junk.  There isn’t an invisible force from barring you and holding you back like a raving lunatic.  You absolutely can reach over, pick up that fake food, put it in your mouth and swallow it.  You have a choice.  Empower yourself by saying….

I could have that________, but I don’t want it.

You might think that you want it.  But really what do you want more? Health or eating something that you think tastes yummy.  Once you don’t eat the junk for as short as two weeks, it doesn’t taste as well.  Soon it won’t be enticing.  Promise.

Empower yourself!  Positive Mindset.  Fight for your health!

Do it for you!


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All or Nothing?

We think we have to be all or nothing. 

I absolutely do this and at times there is an absolute need for this perspective. Things that I am committed – I’m ALL in.

  • My marriage
  • My children
  • My morals, right and wrong
  • Kindness 

Things I am committed to have as NOTHING – no part in my life

  • Meanness, hate, etc
  • Defeat
  • Energy drinks, alcohol and drugs

However this mentality is a HUGE roadblock to a healthy – physical and mental. 

Have you forgotten about the new year’s resolutions you’ve made? We are human and it’s is HARD to create new habits and let go of old ones. We have to rewire our brain and make new synaptic pathways. This is hard work and takes some tries. Health us a journey, it curves and takes practice. If you had a moment of “weakness” and ate something you know you “shouldn’t” then join  the club! Hello! Naughty food is everywhere. And life is emotional. Sometimes we don’t eat as we “should” but don’t beat yourself up. 

Whoops did you eat a cookie? Well enjoy that cookie and then get back on the wagon and eat an apple next time. Ate a burger instead of a salad? Well that’s okay. Don’t give up because of that one moment. Tell yourself that you are awesome and keep going after your health.

Last year I had a goal to do 365 days of yoga. Big goal!! I was stoked! I was ready! Then a month into it I found out I had 3 hernias from my pregnancies and had to have a surgery. What?!?! I was MAD. I had to stop everything and try again. Now 2017, I’m arying again. There have been nights that I have gotten in bed and realized that yoga had not happened. Do I throw in the towel? Did I fail myself? Nope. I meditated for a few breathes, spoke some kindness to myself and went to sleep. Am I keeping my goal? Yes. Am I giving myself some grace? Yes. That is wonderful!

Don’t let the mentality of I can’t do THAT – it’s too hard get in your way . Make one small change. Make one healthier choice each day. Every small moment of progress is a moment you are  making progress. If it’s too daunting to dive in then that is okay! Just start to today to make one healthy substitution. 

Yesterday I had a piece of dark chocolate with salted caramel. Decadent.Wonderful. I made this choice mindfully. I didn’t beat me up. I had a little treat to celebrate my day. Is this everyday. Nope! Just a moment to say Brit “Enjoy something you love! You’ve done a great job!”

The 95% rest of my life I make super healthy choices because I love myself. We just need to listen to our gut and take care of yourself accordingly. 

When you initiate change because you want health your commitment is stronger than when you initiate change to look better. Do this for the inward change. 

One change. You can do it. One healthy choice a day. Once that is easy – make another commitment. 

Don’t beat yourself up for human lapses. 

You can do it!

You are worth it! 

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Out of the doldrums 

Once in a while we get stuck in the doldrums. The yucky, sad, stagnant spot. We get there for many reasons and I was there this week. It happens once in a while and we can’t let it take over our thoughts, diet and life. 
How do we get out of this stagnant yucky place?

We need to find some motivation.  I’m telling ya! That’s what it’s all about. What is your driving force? What keeps you going?

Why do you do what you do?

Figure this out and it is a life changer. If you are not thrilled with what is going on- Ask yourself why do I do this. And the answer is NOT because “I  have to.”

Why do you do what you do?

Find this positive motivation that truly fuels You. 

When we find the deepest reason why we do.things we find that we do something  because we think somehow that will make us feel good. Ask your self if this action truly makes us feel good. 

What will really TRULY make you feel good? What do you need deep down? We all need kindness. I know personally that I need fun. I need something to look forward to. I am usually stuck in the doldrums when there isn’t anything fun going on. So I have to create that fun. 

What do you need in your life that is missing. And I’m not talking about stuff. I’m talking about inside stuff. 

We are so responsible for our own life. When you take responsibility for your happiness- magic happens because you don’t have to wait on anyone to create happiness in your life!

Create it for Yourself!!!!

Find what is missing and fill it!

Make today great!!!

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5 Food I Eat Everyday!

Total goodness for body and soul!

1. Nuts. I go nuts over nuts. Wuah wuah!

Almonds pistachios. My favorites. Serious goodness. Fats and proteins and complex carbs. Nutrients. These are all the good things. 

2. Dark.choclate.

 It’s good for the soul. It has been argued for its antioxidants. Sure, that’s nice. But the truth is that chocolate is delicious. 

I used to think that dark was so bitter but after going for even a small while without sugar this food becomes amazing. 

3. Fat. Coconut oil. 

Good for the brain, skin, hair, teeth, guts. Everything . Drink it in smoothies, cook with it and slather it on. One stop shop. 

4. Whole grains. 

Load them up and fuel and feed. I’m talking real whole grains. Not brown rice. Not whole wheat but the grains that you heal your body with . Teff, Millet, sorghum, wild rice. These are my favorites. Fuel and energize and heal. Yes!!!

5. Fruit and vegetables. 

Obviously. But I must admit I really like fruit. 

Well I also really like avocado, garlic, onions, peas, sweet potatoes, and green beans too. Any more veggies. Okay, hummus. Food is medicine. Food is life. Food is so great!


Once upon a moment, my sister was asked, “What does Brit eat?”

My sister responded. “Fruit, chocolate, and almonds.”

Pretty close sis!! Pretty close!

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5 Foods I Never Eat

There are some things that it’s just easiest to make the choice once and never have to make the choice again. Here are five foods that I just don’t eat. Period. End of story . 
Actually not true. Very (very) rarely I have made an exception and the food wasn’t good and I didn’t feel well either. 

So. not.  worth.  it. 

Here’s the big 5

1.  Margarine. 

Did you know that this product was made to FATTEN Turkey. The poor animal. The turkeys DIED. So the product developer just colored it yellow and sold it to humans. Nice. I’ve heard that story for a decade or more. Snopes doesn’t know if it is true but even if it isn’t the plastic is just not good for you. Never eat it. And it’s disgusting. Use butter, olive, coconut or avocado oil instead. 

2. Sugar cereal. 

Enough said. So tasty. So terrible.

3. Packaged treats.

Such as Twinkies, Oreos, I can’t think of  another type. If you are going to have some sugar then have some pride in yourself and eat gourmet! 

4. Potatoes. 

This is just starch and people do all sorts of things to make the potatoes taste good. We don’t need the starch, we don’t need all those (bad for our body) toppings and we dont get nutritional value. Be a snob, don’t eat potatoes. Unless you are starving and it’s wartime and it’s the only food to keep you alive. Even then they to plant sweet potatoes instead. 

Sweet potatoes are the perfect exchange and contrary to popular belief they aren’t potatoes. I’m having sweet potatoes for dinner! (Without brown sugar and marshmallows  – I like to taste my food) That’s a good substitute right there! Add some herbs and wow! The sweet and savory are amazing together!

And for the final drum roll!!!!!!!!!

5. Energy drinks!

It’s like what we were taught to say when offered drugs as kids. Just say no. This is one horrible invention. Don’t drink them. They make you sick. They do awful things to our bodies. Don’t drink this. At the risk of being cheesy I say, “Find a natural high.”

Find some way to get energy naturally. Eat well. Exercise. Yoga! Go on a walk and eat an apple. Or crazy of all crazies – rest!

These foods will kill us – let us rebel and live!

What are five things that you just  say no to?

PS. Aspartame. Also on my never list but couldn’t fit it in. 

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How to eat when traveling

Traveling can be super daunting when eating healthy. Let’s just face the truth, fast food is a thing of the past. So how do you eat while traveling?

First off! Pack your own food

This past trip we were traveling out of the US so I couldn’t bring fresh produce. Sadness. But this was a great backpack that lasted the whole trip for snacks and lame lunches. I’d rather not eat crappy food – or food that makes me feel crappy- so if the only option is fast food I skip and eat from my food stash. You can almost always find some fresh fruit or carrots from the magazine shops or gas stations. 

One one leg there was nothing. No options. We didn’t have time to sit and I couldn’t find a smoothie place or fresh anything. I did find ….

Naked smoothie and nuts were my yummy breakfast and it kept my body happy until I had lunch. 

Once I left my backpack at security on accident. When I went back for it the security officer asked me what was in it and I answered, “Food!” 


And said, “yes! I’ve never seen someone bring so much food with them!” 

So travel prepared with your favorite dried fruit, nuts and such. I always bring dark chocolate raisins and almonds. I bring pistachios and dried apples. I can at least have some sort of fruit and protein with some fats. So good nutrition and calories even if it’s super snacky
When flying Jamba Juice is my hero!

Breakfast, lunch, weird time eating…as you can tell it was incredibly early for our flight and eating at the continental hotel breakfast always is a terrible option. (Hello hard boiled old egg and plastic orange. )

They have fruit and veggie options then add the chia seeds and you have some fat and protein. Perfect! My favorite is greens and ginger, no ginger with chia seeds. Please don’t get one that has sherbet inside. That defeats the purpose! It doesn’t keep me full forever but at least it’s healthy!

Okay. Normal meals. 

Just eat Mexican food. TONS of options for diary free & gluten free food. Plus guacamole is incredible. No further explanation needed!

We had buffet breakfast at every meal this last trip and thankfully they had an omelette bar. I got an omelette everyday without cheese or meats. I put guacamole on top. YUM!!!!!! With fresh fruit. Heaven. 

My drink there is a fresh juice with celery, cactus, spinach, cucumber and parsley. Strangely delicious. The cactus was the sweetener. I need to find some cactus!!

I ate guacamole at every meal. 

Another good option is a steak house. I don’t get steak but I can usually get a good meal made of side dishes. Think veggies, green beans, baked sweet potatoes (without any junk on top) and wild rice. It’s good and filling.

If traveling by car just stop at the grocery store and pick up fruit, carrots, cherry tomatoes and hummus. You are set. 

If there really is no other option I will get a salad from a fast food place but the dressing usually ruins it and I hate eating dry salad. At a sit down Resturant you can get vinegar and oil. Yum with a little salt and pepper. 

You can do it! Be determined and creative. Ask the waiter a million question and create your own combinations for food. For a long time I felt totally awkward about this but eventually I realized that I’m paying for the meal. There is no reason not to get what I would like. Be overly polite. Only rarely have I had a waiter be annoyed. 

We want to feel great when traveling, so don’t settle for bad food.  Enjoy your trip and FEEL GREAT!!

Keep moving toward health!!!

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Kill the Candida for good!

How to Kill that Candida Yeast once and for all!!!

When I was 16 I started having symptoms of a candida overgrowth in my stomach, which causes leaky gut.  I didn’t discover what was wrong for another 3 years.  At this point in our western medicine history, this was completely an absurd thing.  Nobody knew what was wrong with me.  An MD tried to fix me with a prescription but I had “unwanted” reaction and had to stop.  So I spent many years trying to fix it on my own. Now, it is a common thing.  WHY?!?!?!

We eat way too much sugar.

So what are the symptoms-

Candida symptoms:

White coating in mouth

Sinus congestion

Brain fog

Digestion distress

Skin or nail fungus


Vaginal yeast infections

Mood swings


Bumps on your skin – back if arms ins

What are the causes-


Taking antibiotics 

Taking birth control 

Taking steroids of any type

Eating sugar and starch
You don’t need to have all of these symptoms or causes. But if you have a few and you know something’s amiss inside your body then this it. 

Seriously Yeast in your gut?!  Weird bumps on the back of your arms?  Girly yeast infections are your curse?!?!  The solution is right in your fridge.  This is will totally cure.


We need to balance our ph in our gut.  That is the main problem.  I might be preaching to the choir.  But yeast and bacteria are both supposed to live in our gut.  Naturally this occurs.  Problems begin when the food we eat is so off, in the ph scale, that our bodies are trying (and failing) in trying to keep a balanced.

Yeast thrive when our ph is too acid.  Our stomach is supposed to be acidic (ever heard of stomach acid?) But what happens when it is too acid from all the junk we have eaten during our life?  Yeast happily grow and pain ensues. This happens because we drink soda and eat sugar and starch.   Those things create this terrible balance for us and the utopia for candida.

So in order to heal the candida settlement in our stomach we have to make the environment inhospitable.  Which actually creates a utopia for health in our happy tummy.  What all things wonderful in your stomach.

Let’s not have headaches, post navel drip, terrible stomach pain and indigestion, along with a host of other unfavorable sympotms.  Let’s heal the problem and move on with our lives!


This is how….

Here is what to do to balance the ph to the level it needs to be:


4 oz water

1 teaspoon baking soda

juice of half a lime

Before breakfast in a glass with 4oz of water, add a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime juice and stir in 1 teaspoon of baking soda.  Drink it about every 12 hours – first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed for 30 days.  Then take a break for 15 days and resume treatment for another 30 days.  Rest 15 days and take the regiment for another 30 days.  DONE!!!!

During this whole time no sugar —eek!!  You can do it!!  If you are working with me already this should not be a problem at all.  (Don’t worry, still eat a slice of pie at thanksgiving.)

This is a remedy.  This is not to be done constantly.  That would swing out stomach too much to alkaline.  So only do this if you have a leaky gut and candida.


It tastes gross.



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